[PLUGIN] rspec_resource_generator - RESTful scaffold generat


By Pat M.

Use this generator to generate RESTful scaffolding with RSpec

Syntax is exactly the same as the scaffold_resource generator:
./script/generate rspec_resource ModelName [field:type field:type]

When you run this generator, it will create a migration, model, and
model spec file. In addition, it gives you a RESTful controller with
all the actions filled in, and a complete specification for the
controller. Views are all hooked up too.

Generate the code, run the migration, and you’ve got 26 passing
RESTful controller specifications. Salt and hot sauce to taste.


Most code shamelessly jacked from the scaffold_resource plugin. I
did, however, write all the specs. This code released under the
DoWhatYouWantWithIt license.