Plugin or web service for printing UPS shipping labels

Anyone know of a Rails plugin or web service that offers printing of
UPS labels?



You can use active_shipping to get shipping rates from UPS easily.

Maurício Linhares |

I want to be able to pass parameters to UPS, or to some other UPS
label generator

On Jul 31, 11:49 am, Maurício Linhares [email protected]


Have you found a solution for this. I am in the same situation finding
a way to integrate with ups to print shipping labels.

Thank you.


Is there a way to do this ? I am in the same situation, I have found a
to print labels for USPS, but I need to print labels for UPS, I can’t
nothing in their web page…

Thanks in advice

2009/8/11 webnuwan [email protected]

Hello all, I haven’t found a rails plugin for this, but I found a
in UPS, go to this page to Get Tools,
and in the premium tools choose UPS Shipping, there is a
document and it has everything you need, hope it help you…

2009/10/13 Sergio S. [email protected]