Plugin development and external SVN repos?

I’m in the progress of packaging some stuff I’ve written as plugins and
I’d like to host the plugin code in their own project repositories at

My preferred way of writing a plugin is as part of an application, i.e.,
my working copies of the plugins live in the vendor/plugins directory
of a rails app. Of course, this rails app is version controlled in my
own local repository (SVN).

Now, when I start writing a plugin, I want it to live in my local
repository for an incubation time to see if it is worthwhile at all,
before bothering rubyforge. I’m not exactly sure what to do when I
decide it is time to move to rubyforge.

Preferrably, I’d like to synchronize the plugin part of my local
repository with the remote repository – I don’t think this is
possible, though. Next best is to have the master copy in the external
repository and keep a local copy of the repository.

How are others handling this stuff?


Michael S.
mailto:[email protected]

Michael S. wrote:

repository for an incubation time to see if it is worthwhile at all,
At the moment I do the same thing initially, develop any plugin in my
local SVN for the app it’s being developed for. When it’s at a state
where I feel it’s ok for the world, I then export it to my public SVN
repo and delete it from the local SVN and instead link it through
svn:externals to the new public repo.