Please remove me

Dear sir,
I was hoping that if I signed up for your mailing list that I might
be able to contact others that are using your product. Unfortunately,
this is not the case and I ask to be removed.
I look at your ‘Features’ and have no idea what you’re talking
about. This, plus no documentation at all, leaves me completely in the
dark as to what your product does, or how one could implement it.
Anyway, I expect you have more important things to do and appreciate
removing my email address.

David, in the header of every message from this list is this:

mailto:[email protected]?subject=unsubscribe

You can and should unsubscribe yourself.



We’re sorry that you couldn’t find the help you needed. Did you have
a specific question about Radiant? I try to help whenever I can, but
lately I’ve been insanely busy. Let us know more specifically what
problems you are encountering and we’ll find a way to help.