Please Help with RPG Maker XP Ruby Script, I'm willing to PAY!

Hello everyone, I am an indie video game developer and I am making a
game using a program called RPG Maker XP which uses Ruby Script as its
main scripting language. I’m looking for help here because the RPG Maker
XP forums are no longer active, and the creators of these scripts are no
longer supporting these scripts, nor can I find their contact
information, and I looked everywhere for it, so I’m hoping someone here
can help me with this.

I’m trying to get a couple of scripts to work together, and it seems
like it would be easy to get these two scripts to work together but I
can’t seem to figure it out. It is a role playing game creator which has
a default battle system that no one uses, so we use custom ruby scripts
to create entirely new battle systems. The battle system script I am
using is called Gubid’s Tactical Battle System, which is a tactics-based
battle system very much like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and
Disgaea. It works just fine, but I also have a script which allows for
skills in the game to hit targets multiple times because the program by
default does not have a feature for this, so it has to be scripted in
with ruby scripts. Its called Mea’s Multi-STRIKE

The Mea’s multi-strike script is really simple, but it doesn’t work with
this battle system as it is. If I just put the script in without editing
anything, it won’t bring up any error messages while playing the game,
it just doesn’t do anything. I think the reason for this is because
Gubid’s Tactical Battle System appears to use its own Sprite_Battler
class, Spriteset_Battle class, and Scene_Battle class called
Sprite_Battler_GTBS class, Spriteset_Battle_GTBS class, and
Scene_Battle_TBS class, (it does this because it allows you to switch
between the default battle system and Gubid’s battle system), while
Mea’s multi-strike script uses the default Sprite_Battler class,
Spriteset_Battle class, and Scene_Battle class.

I tried changing Mea’s multi-strike script from using the default
Scene_Battle class to using Gubid’s Scene_Battle_TBS class. While this
did not produce any errors, it still did not work because the script
still does nothing at all.

So I also tried to change Mea’s script from using the default
Sprite_Battler class and Spriteset_Battle class to using Gubid’s TBS’s
Sprite_Battler_GTBS class and Spriteset_Battle_GTBS class, but after
doing this, when I enter a battle, I get this error message: Script
‘GTBS v1.5_2 - Part 1’ line 2749: ArgumentError occurred. Wrong number
of arguments (2 for 1).

Here is the snippet of code where the error is:

1743 #-----------------------------------------------------------------
1744 # * Create Actor Sprite
1745 #-----------------------------------------------------------------
1746 def create_actors
1747 @actor_sprites = []
1748 for actor in $game_system.tactics_actors +
1749 @actor_sprites.push(,actor))
^^^^^This is the line where the error is ----->> ^^Error Is Here^^
1750 end
1751 end

This error does not ever come up unless I make this change. Naturally, I
tried to change (@viewport1,actor) to (@viewport1) but this just
produced more errors.

I’m at a complete loss here. I think the problem is due to the fact that
each script uses different Sprite_Battler class, Spriteset_Battle class,
and Scene_Battle class, but I don’t have enough knowledge with Ruby
scripting to know for sure. Do you think this is what the problem could
be? I REALLY want to use this script and it seems like it would be easy
enough to get it to work, but I just do not have the scripting know how
with Ruby scrip. And although I am pretty good at C++, Ruby has never
made any sense to me at all. I tried several times to learn Ruby
scripting but I can’t even get the tutorials right. Even with active
tutorials, I can’t seem to not get errors with it, even though it tells
me what it wants me to put in. It’s so different from C++ I can’t seem
to make sense of it.

I’m willing to pay $20 to anyone who can get this script to work with
this battle system immediately via paypal.

If you need this, here is a link to download a demo of the scripts for
my game with Gubid’s Tactics Battle System and Mea’s Multi-STRIKE
script: Box

You need to download a demo of RPG Maker XP, and the RPG Maker XP Run
Time Package in order to run this program which can be found here:

To find the scripts in the RPG Maker XP program, click on “Tools” at the
top of the screen, and select “Script editor” from the drop down menu,
or press F11.

Please, if anyone can help me with either of these scripts, I will be
happy to pay you $20 immediately via paypal to anyone who can help me
get these two scripts to work! I hope to hear from you soon, thank you.