Please, help me install rails without internet

I read documents, they almost install rails depending on Internet
My computer don’t connect internet. Who can tell me how to install rails
without internet connection.

Try Instant rails , you can download from some cafes and install it
with out internet connection.

On Feb 27, 7:52 am, Tuan M. [email protected]

It’s Easy. You can follow these steps :

Platform Linux
  1. download ruby 1.8.6 from

  2. extract the file then compile it using command “./configure; make;
    make install” in your shell console

  3. download rubygems from

  4. extract it to your ruby directory, then run this command from your
    shell console : “ruby setup.rb”

Platform Windows
  1. Download ruby one installer from, then install

  2. Install Rails versi 1.2.3, you should download all gems below :

  1. copy paste all gems above to your ruby directory and run this command
    in series in your DOS Command Prompt.

[step 1] C:\ruby\gem install rake-0.7.2.gem
[step 2] C:\ruby\gem install activesupport-1.4.2.gem
[step 3] C:\ruby\gem install activerecord-1.15.3.gem
[step 4] C:\ruby\gem install actionpack-1.13.3.gem
[step 5] C:\ruby\gem install actionmailer-1.3.3.gem
[step 6] C:\ruby\gem install actionwebservice-1.2.3.gem
[step 7] C:\ruby\gem install rails-1.2.3.gem

Done !!!

now you can create your application or run your ruby console or the

Ruby N.,

Reinhart Ariando

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