Plays well with others?

I’m at a large company with a world-wide SQL database. I’ve been
asked to create an application which is going to start as a reporting
tool, but will eventually (nlt v 1.4), start writing data. As usual,
corporate IT is giving the standard “no way, Jose’” response. My
management is not impressed with them, but I’m wanting to confirm what
I can expect from rails in this environment.

-Rails allows (non-default) concurrent access. Does this only affect
rails, or are we talking about locking everyone without this? What is
the granularity of the lock? (db/table/item)

-As I read ActiveObject, it appears that once read, a line is held in
memory until it is forced to the db. Is this correct?
-The listing code shows re-running the query for every page view. In
my environment, it would seem better to pull down the table once. ???

Pointers are fine, I’m not opposed to reading. :slight_smile:

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