Playing with 3.7

So, I have this flow-graph that mostly works under 3.7 now, except for
something that’s horrible.

In my flow-graph, I have two layers of selectors, to select the input
for a WX GUI FFT sink. The layers select either the “raw” or “filtered”
chunk of bandwidth (coming off the 4 hardware sources), and the other
layer selects which source. This worked like a champ in–never
a problem.

Under 3.7.4 (basically, today’s master), when I go to select which
input, there’s a significant pause, and then the change is applied
after up to
about 2 seconds of “hang”. If I go to select the “raw” vs
“filtered”, the whole application freezes solid–the GUI freezes up, no
displays are updated,
and the hardware sources start getting massive overruns.

Now, when this thing is running, it consumes about 8% of my system, and
when it “freezes” it consumes apparently much, much less.

Now, I know that “selectors” are actually kind of a hack that stop the
flow-graph, reconfigure it, and start it up again. So, maybe there’s
some kind of deadly-embrace going on.

I can reimplement using adders and multipliers if I have to, but gosh,
I’d rather not have to. I’m going to try to reproduce with the
smallest flowgraph that shows the problem, but a simple quick test
tonight worked flawlessly. Sigh.