Playing .mp3

Nothing works, please help.

What have you tried? Did you do a web search for your problem?

You’re going to get a better response from this forum, if people can see
where you’re stuck and even more importantly, if it’s a question, which
is interesting.

So, in your case, have you found a gem you want to use, or do you just
want to use a program on your computer from a ruby script? If you’re
going to use a program on your computer and you want to do more than
just start the song, you’re going to need to know how to use the program
to pause, stop, etc.

Have a look at some of these gems, maybe you can find something useful?

i want to make a text bases game that plays music in the background,
with the music starting at the beginning and stopping when I tell it to.
I ant only .rb to be open, I don’t want ruby to open WMP and play the

Play MP3? Try free JoyoPlayer developed by the Joyoshare team. It can play all video and audio files.
Alternatively, if the MP3 file cannot play on your device, try to convert it to the format that your device supports.

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