Play with view helpers from inside script/console?

I vaguely remember being able to do something like this from inside

helper.image_path ‘picture.png’

and it would do the same as this equivalent ERb:

<%= image_path ‘picture.png’ %>

but I’m getting an error now when I try to do that (“you had a nil

Obviously I’m not remembering something correctly… what is the right
way to access all those nice ActionView helpers from within

(I’ve tried with 1.1.6 and edge… I thought this used to work in 1.1,
maybe I’m wrong)


It may be too late to be of help, but I was trying to do this myself
and couldnt remember how. I am answering this cos I know I will forget
again. So…

From script/console; to get to helpers in module CustomerHelper for
example use

include ActionView::Helpers::CustomerHelper

it’s simple when you remember but annoying when you can’t. Perhaps one
for someones cheat sheet.