Plan to Support Levels for Ruby 1.9.2


Before release of Ruby 1.9.2, I would like to define a new guideline
of the support levels for Ruby 1.9.2.

== Definition of the support levels
The Ruby 1.9 series have four support levels.

(1) Supported:
We ensure Ruby works fine before release. I do not release Ruby when
an issue (†1) remains on a supported platform.

A platform can be “supported” when:

  • Ruby is maintained on it (†2),
  • And Ruby passes almost all the test cases and RubySpec on it,
  • And we have a continuous build environment for Ruby on it,
  • And it have been “supported” or “best effort” for more than an year.

(2) Best effort:
We are trying making Ruby to work fine on it.
I do not release Ruby when an serious issue remains on a best effort

A platform can be “best effort” when:

  • Ruby is maintained on it,
  • And Ruby passes most of the test cases and RubySpec on it

(3) Perhaps:
We think Ruby works on it, however, we do not care about it.
I sometimes release Ruby even if there are issues on it.

A platform can be “perhaps” when:

  • A similar platform is “supported” or “best effort”,
  • Or Ruby is maintained on it
  • Or a patch is recently applied for Ruby on the platform, and it is
    reported that Ruby works fine on it because of the patch.

(4) Not supported:
We do not think Ruby works on it. A patch is always welcome.

  • Any other systems

A “Issue” means one on the redmine ( )
Ruby is “maintained” on a platform when:

  • At least one committer always develops Ruby on the platform
  • Or there is an assigned maintainer of Ruby for it

== List of candidate platforms
Candidate for the “supported” platforms of Ruby 1.9.2 is only

  • Debian GNU/Linux stable version on i386
    however the following two platforms can be the candidates if a
    continuous build environment is available:
  • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 on Intel
  • FreeBSD 6 or later (amd64, IA32)

Candidates for the “best effort platforms” are:

  • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 on Intel
  • FreeBSD 6 or later (amd64, IA32)
  • Solaris 10 / OpenSolaris
  • mswin32, mswin64, mingw32
  • AIX 5.3 on PowerPC

AIX will be possibly “perhaps”. It depends on progress of development.

Candidates for the “perhaps” platforms are:

  • Other versions of Debian GNU/Linux.
    • or stable version on other architectures
  • Other Linux distributions
  • Mac OS X 10.5 on PPC
  • cygwin
  • Other POSIX-compatible systems
  • BeOS (Haiku)

Another platform can be a candidate for “best effort” or “perhaps”.
You can add your platform to the list by satisfying the following
Let us know if you have a continuous build environment.

== Schedule
The list of candidates will be fixed.
The supported platforms and the support levels will be fixed.

Thank you,
– Yuki S. (Yugui)

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