Pimki 1.8.200

Hi All,

Just a quick note on a new release of Pimki: The Wiki-based PIM to
GetThingsDone! Pimki 1.8.200 is a bug fix release: accumulated bug
fixes plus an explicit dependency on Madeleine 0.7.1 (the new 0.7.2 is

Important note: this release is still based on the Pimki 1.x branch.
Snapshots from previous
versions of Pimki and Instiki up to 0.9.2 should work fine.

Work on Pimki2 is back into full swing - watch this space!

Go to http://pimki.rubyforge.org for the full scoop. If you’re running
gems just run ‘gem install Pimki’ and it will be installed/upgraded
for you. Otherwise just download, unzip and run!

== About

Pimki is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) loosely based on a Wiki
technology inspired by Instiki. This is the place to dump your brain,
organise your thoughts and Get Things Done. The ease of use and
immediacy of a wiki combined with extended view to slice and dice the
data give you a unique power to store, manage and retrieve all loose
bit of information in your life.

There are a lot of features added over a regular wiki, features that
only make sense when you view it as a personal application and not so
much as a group oriented application.

== Extra Features

=== Mind Map: a graph of wiki connections (made with GraphViz). All
graphs can be laid-out with the 4 GraphViz engines. There are several
options for what pages to include in the map. Graph contents can be
arranged as:

* Page e$B"*e(B linked pages
* Authors e$B"*e(B pages
* Categories e$B"*e(B pages

=== Bliki: a blog integrated with the wiki. Blog entries are simply
wiki-pages in a special space, organised in reverse-chronological

=== Todo Items & List:

* 'todo:' items are highlighted on each page.
* Pull all todo's into a main list, to better prioritise your work

=== Added left-side customisable wiki menu
=== Expanded and Advanced search
=== A Glossary page, collecting all acronyms from your web