Pik 0.2.5 Released

pik version 0.2.5 has been released!

Pik is a tool to switch between multiple versions of ruby on Windows.

Or to put it another way

doskey rvm=pik $* # (sort of)

You have to tell it where your different ruby versions live using
‘pik add’. Then you can change to one by using ‘pik switch’.

It also supports running commands/code with all versions configured.

pik run # Runs commands on the command line
pik ruby # Runs using the ruby interpreter for each version
(ruby.exe, jruby.exe, jruby.bat, ir.exe)
pik gem # Runs using the gem command for each version (gem.bat,
pik rake # Runs using the rake command for each version (rake.bat,


0.2.5 / 2009-10-29

  • use upx (http://upx.sf.net/) to compress pik_runner.exe
  • fixes uninstall story so it doesn’t conflict with other stories
  • bugfix in uninstall command
  • made all prompts default to ‘yes’. bugfix:interactive add would
    prompt for jruby\bin dirs twice because of the existence of jruby.exe
    and jruby.bat
  • fixed downloading of seven_zip error
  • added uninstall command
  • fixes bug in BatchFileEditor#switch_path_to
  • switched to HPricot for package searches, requires rubygems and
    exerb-mingw - closes gh-30