Picolena OSX


Hi folks

I’ve been trying for hours to get Picolena working on OSX 10.5, but no
cigar. Picolena uses Ferret behind the scenes, but I get all sorts of
errors, even when running with a single thread.

I was wondering if anyone could take a look? Shouldn’t take more than 5
mins to install and see if it works for you.

Install gem

sudo gem install picolena

#Â Generate a web site, indexing your documents folder
picolena /Users/YourName/Documents

Open browser

cd picolena
open http://localhost:3000

Other useful commands

rake index:clear
rake index:create

I’m in contact with the developer of Picolena, and he says it’s fine on
Debian, but hasn’t tried OSX.

For more info and demo…