Php over rails?

Hi all,

        I am in the process of migrating a php site to rails with

unending opposition from the company board. To a great extend they are
justified since a rewrite of code from scratch will be always unstable.
lack of rails professionals seems unacceptable to many.

        Some of the tasks are too complex (considering the time 

to be migrated to rails. With such a perspective in mind, are there any
libraries or OSS code which will help me have php and rails code persist
together. Typically I would want session id to be maintained all across,
o/p to be maintained inside the layout frameset etc etc (i.e. inside <%=
@content_for_layout* %>)

With regards

Cherian Thomas,
Mobile: 9886782481

o/p to be maintained inside the layout frameset etc etc (i.e. inside <%= *
@content_for_layout* %>)

You can run them side by side (search the mongrel users mailing list for
my name and “apache config” and you’ll find what I’ve used). I don’t
think you’ll be able to share sessions though unless you want to write a
custom handler in php or something.

You can also nest the layout, but it’s ugly (at least the way we did it
until we re-wrote them). We had a “blank” action in rails that rendered
“SPLIT HERE” as the content. Then in our PHP pages we’d make an
request to that action, then split the result on that line, saving one
header html and one as footer html, then do our php, then spit it all
as one. Ugly, but it worked.

I’d just convert the whole thing if you can… if you’ve already got the
business logic it shouldn’t be that bad…