PHP-FPM and nginx upstart scripts for Ubuntu 10.04

Works with PHP 5.2.x + the patch.

(No clue how to startup PHP 5.3 w/ SVN, may wind up being the same…
haven’t had a chance to run it yet.)

Replaces the need for all the /etc/init.d and /etc/rc?.d scripts and
symlinks that may have had to be manually created. Also doesn’t rely
on the php-fpm script usually installed in /usr/local/sbin/php-fpm.

That may come in handy still for log rotation - it looks like it still
drops a .pid file properly in the pid_file location (typically

Enjoy. Feel free to enhance it. It’s very basic right now :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael, I shall be testing it on 5.3.2 with the FPM patch some
later this week. If I have the time I’ll consider adding a bit more