Php-fastcgi stalling

Ok, here is a problem I had before but did not pay enough attention. I
have php-cgi spawned with a simple init.d script. 10 child processed.
I send one request to a PHP script let’s say sloooooow.php, so the
browser waits for the page to load but the problem is that while that
page is loading, no other php page can be opened. That happens usually
when I do send a slow query through the phpMyAdmin but it can happen
on the production site also.

So, anybody know what the problem can be? Obviously php takes time to
respond but that should not stop nginx from serving other request. I
am pretty sure the problem is in PHP but what could it be?

Thanks in advance.

Too little information to tell for sure, but it seems the problem is
caused by
MySQL table locking issues, not PHP.

not an option, next?

Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Denis F. [email protected]

Too little information to tell for sure, but it seems the problem is caused by
MySQL table locking issues, not PHP.

which would create a chain reaction, which has happened to me before…

mysql blocking/taking time → php → nginx waiting for the response

try removing your mysql queries (or profiling them) and see if you
have the same stalling issues

there could be a variety or other things, but that’s low hanging fruit…

Switch to php-fpm

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That’s why I usually hate to ask vague question but after many hours
of fixing other things this just top it off. I understand it is
difficult to tell what the problem is, but what I was more interested
in was whether there is a well know problem. Just want to know if it
is justified to dig more seriously into the problem.

So thank you, I got my answer.

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 7:07 PM, Eugene Lazutkin

I know, I did not contribute to this one, but if this is what you liked
know in first place, why don’t you take the time, think about it before
hit the send button, think about it again, then one more time, and
it’s you one more last time. Think whether it’s really what you want to
THEN send it.

A thank you to all the other guys would be very much appreciated Mr.
A. but then again, maybe you are still thinking about whether to send
stuck in an infinite loop like your php program unable to process
any further.

Mr. Peter Langhans, which part of “So thank you, I got my answer.” you
did not understand as a thank you to the people who wrote to me? I
have been subscribed to the list for almost a year and I have read >
70% of the emails and I have been using the nginx during all that time
and yes I did have to find rewrite rules, yes I did have special
settings but never bothered the list as I knew I can find the answer
otherwise and let my asking for when I really needed it. And guess
what, I that first email was that time. My question was simple, does
anybody know? Because I was pressed by time restrains and wanted to
send an email to ask if somebody had the same problem or not. Negative
answer is also a helpful answer and I guess that’s why people did
reply, for which I was NOT sarcastic when I said “thank you” and I did
not whine about nobody answering, etc.

For God sake, people…

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Peter Langhans

Circular reference?

Who said I found the solution? For this particular server I migrated
it to Zend Server along with Apache as I could not justify spending
more time debugging or in that case down time and timeouts.

I would expect somebody from the UK to understand better English and I
am sure it is not my writing the problem for your not understanding.
Stop using “loop” metaphors or I you that much into your computer
world. Please, if anybody else feels as offended as Mr. Langhans, they
have my formal apologies.

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 8:39 PM, Peter Langhans

did it ever occur to you that your problem might, now or some time
also concern other people. so your “thank you” together with the fact
you did not bother posting your found solution, sounds quite sarcastic,
matter how much years or decades you are using this list or how much you
trying to post-justify your e-mail conversation.

But probably still stuck in the “I’ll tell other people what I found”

How about we let this drop.


On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:37 AM, SSSlippy [email protected] wrote:

May I ask why php-fpm was not an option. It’s an improved version of fast cgi?

it’s not really an “improved version of fastcgi”. it’s a more robust
fastcgi management layer bolted on to php w/ a couple extra
improvements and enhancements to php.

May I ask why php-fpm was not an option. It’s an improved version of
fast cgi?

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