Php executing from rails

Hello the subject xplain all, i know that i came to rails to left php,
but i haven’t learned a lot of rails to do very heavy classes like in
php, and i have to get some responses to my clients.
What i want to know if there is any posibility to instance classes from

or implementing some framework like xajax to get php work with rails?

To be honest rails is a framework for Ruby, if you want to write in
PHP use Cake or PHPonTrax or some php MVC framework.
If that is what you mean when you say instance classes from Rails? If
that’s not what you mean, sorry but you may need to explain a little
better. :smiley:


On Aug 28, 8:56 am, Edgar G. [email protected]

thanks cammo, know i am trying to move my script into ruby, some kind of
difficult but i am trying

No problems have fun with that new syntax, and welcome to our
world. :smiley:


On Aug 28, 1:27 pm, Edgar G. [email protected]

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