PHP_ADMIN_VALUE and separate fcgi error_log - are they possible?

today I setup nginx 1.0.11 with multiple virtual hosts using Zend’s CE
spawn-fcgi as a backend.
All is working fine, but I can’t
-propagate php’s ADMIN values to the virtualhosts (I tried to add

location ~ .php$


                    fastcgi_param  PHP_ADMIN_VALUE

include fastcgi_params;


but a test php page doesn’t see the correct value assigned to

-separate fcgi’s error_log files, actually I couldn’t even locate the
where the logs are saved.

Can you help me to solve these problems, please?


It is possible when “open_basedir” option is set in secure way that
disables setting it later , for example via PHP 5.3 featured host file
sections (, or in the
php-fpm.conf file via “php_admin_value[open_basedir]”, etc. Check and
come back to let us know.


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2012/1/9 locojohn [email protected]

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I’ve just installed php-fpm. open_basedir isn’t set anywhere and the row

fastcgi_param PHP_ADMIN_VALUE “open_basedir=/mysite”;

(nor PHP_VALUE) doesn’t change anything.

OK, so phpinfo() in your virtual host doesn’t output “/mysite” as a
value for open_basedir?

What does php-fpm.conf look like?

What does php.ini look like?


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2012/1/10 locojohn [email protected]

OK, so phpinfo() in your virtual host doesn’t output “/mysite” as a
value for open_basedir?

argh, now it’s working using PHP_VALUE rather than PHP_ADMIN_VALUE.

What about having separate log files, especially separate error_log?
Thanks for all your help.

Well, error_log and access_log directives let you specify separate error
and access logs per virtual host.


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