Phoenix Ruby Users Group October Meeting. NEW LOCATION!

The Phoenix Ruby U. Group will meet this Monday, Oct. 9, at 6:30 PM.


The meeting will be at the offices of Grid7, in Tempe:

420 w. 1st st. #108
Tempe, AZ


Google Maps

This is in the Regatta Pointe Complex.

You will have to park on the street someplace outside the complex. At
that hour free parking should be no problem.

There is no A/V equipment, so the meeting will focus on general
discussion. We may huddle around laptops if need be. And some of us
may end standing if it gets crowded.

After the meeting we will spill out onto Mill and scavenge for food and

See the the group’s Google Group mailing list for current discussion on
suggested topics for the meeting.

See for any other details and contact info.

A big thanks to the folks at Grid7 for coming through in a pinch!

James B.

“In Ruby, no one cares who your parents were, all they care
about is if you know what you are talking about.”

  • Logan C.