Phoenix Ruby Users Group meeting this Monday, June 12


The Phoenix Ruby U. Group will have their June meeting this Monday,
June 12, 2006, at 6:15 PM.

Please see for location details.

Topics: Assorted, but assured to be fun + educational, in that order

We’ve made a habit of going off to the Havana Cafe on Bell Road and 64th
Street after the meeting:

If you cannot make the meeting, but are free later on, consider meeting
up at the restaurant around 9:00 PM or so

(If you plan on doing so, please call James B. before 8:00 PM that
night, so that a big enough table is reserved. See the first URL above
for the number. We usually hang there until close to midnight.)

James B.

“Take eloquence and wring its neck.”

  • Paul Verlaine