Phoenix Ruby User Group August Meeting

The Phoenix Ruby U. Group will hold its August meeting on Monday,
August 14, 2006, at 6:15pm.

The meeting will be held at facilities graciously provided by Cyclone

Please see the group wiki at:

for a map and directions.

Topics: Probably a presentation about Rake, and perhaps an exploration
of automating tracking & creation of user stories and Rails integration
tests by hooking Ruby into Trac. Plus, as always, whatever people feel
compelled to talk about. It’s always good.

We’ve made a habit of going off to the Havana Cafe on Bell Road and 64th
Street after the meeting


If you cannot make the meeting, but are free later on (8:30-ish),
consider meeting up at the restaurant.

(And if you do, please first call James B. (see for the number) so a big enough table is

The Phoenix Ruby U. Group meets on the second Monday of every month
(baring holidays), at 6:15pm, at Cyclone Commerce. Snacks and soda,



James B.

“Simplicity of the language is not what matters, but
simplicity of use.”

  • Richard A. O’Keefe in squeak-dev mailing list