Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference, March 26-27: Registration is Open

Registration is open for the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise
Conference, which is set for March 26th and 27th in Philadelphia:

While a wide variety of technologies and techniques will be represented,
there will a substantial amount of Ruby content at this event.

Below is a partial list of speakers and topics:

  • Peter A., author of Flexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2 (Topic -
    Rails on AIR: Best Practices for using Flex 3 and Adobe AIR
    with Ruby on Rails 2)

  • Giles B. (Topic - Code Generation: The Safety Scissors of

  • David C., RSpec Lead Developer (Topic - Integration Testing
    RSpec’s Story Runner)

  • Brian DeLacey, XiuTech (Topic - Web 2.0 and GIS: from Ptolemy to Tufte

  • Toby DiPasquale, Commerce360 (Topic - Enter the Elephant: Massively
    Parallel Computing With Hadoop)

  • Obie F., author of The Rails Way (Topic - TBD)

  • Yehuda K., author of jQuery in Action (Topic - Using jQuery to
    Build Rich Internet Applications)

  • Jon Kern, co-author of The Agile Manifesto (Topic - TBD)

  • Ramnivas Laddad, author of AspectJ in Action: Practical
    Programming (Topic - AOP in the Enterprise)

  • Jeremy McAnally, co-author of Ruby in Practice, author of Mr.
    Humble Little Ruby Book (Topic - Glueby? The Why and How of Integration

  • Cliff Moon, Powerset (Topic - ActiveMessaging)

  • Joe O’Brien, EdgeCase (Topic - Be Careful, Your Java is Showing)

  • Chris W., Err Free (Topic - The Launch: Bringing a Rails Site