PgEast CFP (second call) (looking for rails content)

January 13, 2010

PostgreSQL Conference East, The PostgreSQL Conference for Decision
Makers, End Users and Developers, is being held at the Radisson Plaza,
Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia on March 25th through 28th.

This is the second call for papers for this conference. You can review
the skeletal agenda here:

You can review content from the recent West conference here:

You can submit your talk here:

Time line:
December 14th: Talk submission opens
January 30th: Talk submission closes
February 15th: Speaker notification

This year we will be continuing our trend of covering the entire
PostgreSQL ecosystem. We would like to see talks and tutorials on the
following topics:

  * General PostgreSQL:
          * Administration
          * Performance
          * High Availability
          * Migration
          * GIS
          * Integration
          * Solutions and White Papers
  * The Stack:
          * Python/Django/Pylons/TurboGears/Custom
          * Perl5/Catalyst/Bricolage
          * Ruby/Rails
          * Java (PLJava would be great)/Groovy/Grails
          * Operating System optimization
          * Solutions and White Papers

Submit Session:


Joshua D. Drake