Pg 0.12.0 Released

pg version 0.12.0 has been released!

Pg is the Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS

It works with PostgreSQL 8.2 and later.

This will be the last minor version to support 8.2 – 0.13 will support
8.3 and later, following the PostgreSQL Release Support Policy


gem install pg

If you have trouble installing, more-detailed instructions and
troubleshooting can be found in the gem’s READMEs. When submitting a bug
report about installation, please include the mkmf.log.


  • PGconn#wait_for_notify
    • send nil as the payload argument if the NOTIFY didn’t have one.
    • accept a nil argument for no timeout (Sequel support)
    • Fixed API docs
    • Taint and encode event name and payload
  • Handle errors while rb_thread_select()ing in PGconn#block.
    (Brian W.).
  • Fixes for Win32 async queries (Rafał Bigaj)
  • Memory leak fixed: Closing opened WSA event. (Rafał Bigaj)
  • Fixed a typo in PGconn#error_message’s documentation
  • Fixed NULL-pointer strings returned from PGresult#result_error_field.
  • fixing unused variable warnings for ruby 1.9.3 (Aaron P.)
  • Build system bugfixes
  • Converted to Hoe
  • Updates for the Win32 binary gem builds (Lars Kanis)