Pg 0.11.0

Version 0.11.0 of pg, the PostgreSQL database driver, has been released.

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$ sudo gem install pg

Some environments (MacOS X in particular) may need to provide the path
their ‘pg_config’, their architecture flags, or both.

For example, on MacOS X 10.6 with PostgreSQL 9.0.x installed via

$ sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install pg –

When reporting problems installing or building the gem from source,
include the command line you used to install, and the mkmf.log from the

Thanks to Lars Kanis, 0.11.0 is available as a statically-compiled fat
gem for Windows again.

Release Notes

New features:

  • Added a new method (PGresult#values) for fetching returned values as
    an Array
    of Arrays. (Jason Yanowitz)

Bug Fixes:

  • [CRITICAL] Fix option-parsing code for PGconn::connect and
    PGconn::connect_start so they no longer segfault when passing no
    or an Array of less than seven parameters.
  • Use CRT sockets for functions that use rb_thread_select() under
    (Greg Hazel)
  • Fix the windows static binary gem builds (Lars Kanis)

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