Persistent connections

I’m writing a web GUI for a commercial product that only allows me to
communicate through a Java API which seems to work just great under

When the user logs on to the web page the authentication is done like
this: sdssession = com.hp.ov.webapi.Session.openSession(“”,
login, pass) and after that I can do things like
sdsession.getCurrentAccount() etc to get data from the service.

It works great. The problem is that I have no idea how to keep that
session object alive while the user is logged on the web page, it
doesn’t seem like a good idea if the system has to authenticate again
on every page load.

The second option I came up with was to use BackgroundRB ( ) but it doesn’t work in JRuby
because some of the stuff it does with processes (fork, pipe etc) are
not yet implemented.

Any ideas?

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