Pernisssion denied when trying to delete or mv file

I have a problem deleting a file (or move a file) that has a UNC path. I
am using 1.8.4 on windows and this same thing did work in 1.8.2.

Here is the pertinent excerpt of code:

puts shp.source; ==> returns
puts LOCDIR + ‘/failed_files’ ==>
returns //rm-graff-c/c$/ftpxfr//failed_files
cp(shp.source, LOCDIR + ‘failed_files’) ==> this works fine
puts File.file?(shp.source) ==> this returns true
rm(shp.source) ==> this fails with:
C:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:1281:in `unlink’:
Permission denied - //rm-graff-c/c$/ftpxfr/somefile2454018103834.txt
mv(shp.source, LOCDIR + ‘failed_files’) => this also fails

I also tried File.delete(…) and several other variations. I really
that the file is open. I do read from earlier in the program using CSV
but this is in a block and the end of the block (to my knowlege) should
be automatically closing the file. I could resort to using .new and
explictily closing the file when CSV reading is done but I more suspect
that someting has happened between 1.8.2 and 1.8.4 that is the culprit.

Any ideas? Is this a perhaps a known issue that 1.8.5 fixes. I can with
a little effort try on unix but I am not sure how to form the equivelent
UNC pathname in unix to //rm-graff-c/c$/ftpxfr/somefile2454018103834.txt

  • is the C$ just a windows thing?


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