Perl interaction with HTTP Proxy:

Hey guys, I’m trying to write a couple of perl modules for my nginx
server that is acting as an HTTP Proxy.

What I’d like to do is use Perl to perform some (quick) checks and
then return an error code, but I’m noticing that if I execute any perl
code before the config block that engages the http_proxy, the perl
error code is ignored. If I execute the perl block after the
http_proxy, then the connection isn’t proxy passed at all. Is this a
config issue on my part or is this normal behavior with regards to
perl. If it’s normal behavior, how can I use perl modules to perform
checks with http_proxy features enabled?



On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 02:30:36AM -0600, Engin A. wrote:

checks with http_proxy features enabled?
Both perl and proxy set exclusive location handlers, and they
can’t be used together in the same location.

If you need to check requests with perl and then proxy_pass
somewhere, you have to use $r->internal_redirect(uri) in perl to
pass processing to another location with proxy_pass configured.

Maxim D.

Awesome! Thank you. Going to experiment for a few more hours with this.