Performance tuning for Ruby


Yesterday our RedMine application was reported slow, and we found that the memory usage was very high in the server, invoked by “RubyApp”. I did some reading/research about memory leaks on RedMine, and the blog posts say that it is not RedMine that causes the memory leaks, it is Ruby that is known for this, and it is not know as a memory leak, but a memory bloat.

Some of the suggestions to resolve this issue, include to edit the dispatch.fcgi file ; Change the parameter “RailsFCGIHandler.process!” to “RailsFCGIHandler.process! nil, 10”.

However, this file I only find in these directories :

The parameter said exists in this file, however, the location of the file is in the “example” directory, and I believe it will not be called.

Other locations of this file in the server is this :


However, in this file, I do not see the parameter “RailsFCGIHandler.process!”.

Another suggestion was to edit the “RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_FACTOR” environment variable.
However, I am not sure how to edit this, as I do not know the file that holds this variable.

Please suggest how can I proceed to troubleshoot the memory bloat issue.

Hello @anaigini,

Is that report came by your hosting provider? What was the exact report?

Make sure that you meet all the minimum requirements for Redmine: Redmine Requirements.

Please run this command and post the output here:

ps aux --sort -rss