Performance optimizations



I have some pages that generate XML and I’m looking to improve
(Actually, I’m looking for any tips that will improve performance)

Here’s one that is concerning-

I don’t think a page like this will be cached because of the
tags? right?

I’m using 0.6 rc1 on BSD with Apache/FastCGI (default settings) and
these are
some of the ideas I’m considering-

  • Creating a new page type that writes out the result XML to public/
    rather than
    regenerate each time.

  • Implement the caching patch I’ve seen mentioned

  • Use xsendfile? - I’ve seen mention of this, but have no experience
    with it.

  • tweak fastcgi settings

What do you think? Any opinions/ suggestions?



Hi Todd,

That page should still get cached if you are using the standard radiant
system, are you finding that this isn’t the case?

Best Regards,

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regenerate each time.

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you. My assumption was wrong - on further review, I do see the
xml files
in the cache directory.

Well, I guess that one is crossed off the list then.


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