Performance Monitoring tool for Rails!

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So I decided to create my own protocol to in a simple text file used
as a log file, this file will register all the requests from the
crontab when execute PHP, once finished triger another script to read
the file and parse the output into a graphics using the GD & RRD.
Everything works great I can successfully mimic all the charts from
MRTG in the PHP Network Based monitoring Tool.

8 years later here we are talking about Ruby & Rails, looking at the
project of New Relic [ ] looks like a
good area of opportunity for monitoring applications, the question of
the million is how to use GD & RRD to mimic & register rails
performance applications in your application without have to go out to
a third party website, and most important keep all the performance
charts for future reference !!!.

Doesn’t this sound like a fun project???, I have some idea on how to
start and what could it be important for a Rails App. to monitor like
memory usage, maybe extend to the most used page., maybe needs to
extend to the Application/View/Controller level to track those
indicators, I’m not sure from the variable point of view but if you
have something in mind please reply your ideas, really like to read
your opinion.

Best Regards Din00z.