Performance for SOAP and HTTP

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with the following problem.
I want to issue SOAP request from rails to connect to a legacy system
in the backend. First I tried savon as a SOAP client. Everything
worked fine, but the performance was bad. The following code

client =
client.http.headers[“Content-Type”] = “application/soap+xml;
client.wsdl.endpoint = “http://localhost:22234/calculator
client.wsdl.namespace = “
response = client.request :wsdl, “validate” do
soap.version = 2
soap.body ={ “code” => “some data as value” }

requires about 1000 ms to execute.

So I switched to http and tried the Restclient. But the following code

api_call = RestClient.get ‘http://localhost:3000/purchases

requires about 1000 ms to execute as well.

My last try was a simple http request

net=“”, 3000)
http = net.start

which itself requires 200 ms.

I ask myself:
Are these normal time values when working in a rails environment (I
expected something around 5-10ms)?
Is there anything wrong with my code or are there better solutions;
and what can I do to improve the timing?
Has anybody performance benchmarks for similar requests?

Thanks for any help and kind regards, Manni

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