Performance benchmarking a host platform with GNU Radio and USRP2

Is there a way to do a performance benchmark, to see if the host
computer is able to work fine with GNU Radio and USRP2?

I ran the usrp2_fft.pry spectrum analyzer, and the application runs fine
for a while, and then after sometime, starts dropping packets,
especially if I play around with the GUI settings.

I’m running the linux OS inside a virtual machine, but my host is a
pretty powerful, i.e. iMac 27" Quad-Core i7 processor with 4GB RAM (2.8
to 3Ghz operating freq). The VMware guest machine has been configured to
use 8 CPUs with 2048GB of RAM, with 200GB virtual hard disk space.

I also noticed that I couldn’t alter the center frequencies of the
spectrum analyzer, and it was stuck at the 1.13438 Ghz point.

Elvis D.

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