Perform action after in-place edit


I want to be able to call an action after performing an edit using the
in-place editor macro. I want to update multiple divs so I was
thinking about using an RJS template. However, I can’t figure out how
to trigger another action after the method created by
in_place_edit_for runs. Is there is an option on Ajax.InPlaceEditor
where I can inject some Element.update calls?



Hi Shane,

Did you ever find an answer to this ?
I’m stuck with the same problem.



found a way, but after the function call, the field isn’t editable
anymore …

<%= in_place_editor_field :appointment, ‘description’, {}, {:rows => 3,
:cols => 20 , :options => “{onComplete: refresh_app}” } -%>

the "onComplete: refresh_app " does the trick, but it’s not usable
because afterwards it isn’t editable anymore.

Somebody else ?