Per host php.ini

is it possible to have diferent php.ini configurations for each
like .htaccess while using mod_php with apache?
If not, there´s any workround?

You can run php-cgi instances as FastCGI servers with different
configurations (using -c flag to point to different .ini files) on
different ports, then refer to them specifically inside server {}
contexts in nginx config. e.g.

location ~ .php$ {

other stuff …


I was afraid you said that. :frowning:
I´ll try the new PHP 5.3 .user.ini to see if it works with fastcgi.

you could manage your instances using php-fpm, and it allows for
certain php.ini directives to be overridden in the conf. heck, it
might even allow (or maybe ask andrei nicely) to use a completely
different .ini for each worker pool.

this .user.ini thing i have not heard of yet - i need to go look that
up myself, that sounds interesting!

PHP 5.3 .user.ini
[path=/var/www/…] in php.ini works like a charm!

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