Peer closed connection in SSL handshake while SSL handshaking


I am seeing an odd thing occur in the error logs. We are developing an
and when our mobile devices first hit the nginx server after waking up,
mobile device is rejecting the ssl cert. In the logs, we see that the
handshake is being closed.

[info] 1450#0: *16 peer closed connection in SSL handshake while SSL
handshaking, client: IP, server:

Oddly enough, if we hit the API again (or any subsequent time before the
device is turned off), this problem does not reoccur - only on the first

The sites are configured pretty vanilla right now:
server_name SERVERNAME;
listen 443;
ssl on;
ssl_certificate ssl/newRSA.crt;
ssl_certificate_key ssl/newRSA.key;
root /www;
index index.html index.htm index.php;

If anybody has any pointers, that would be great.


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I forgot to mention that this is running on Ubuntu 12.04LTS, with nginx
version: nginx/1.6.0.

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Could your issue be caused by this bug It
like Ubuntu is not going to fix this bug in precise. Also see here
In the previous link the person has the same problem and resolved it by
downgrading openssl.

There are a few solutions if you think this is your problem.

(This is a bug in OpenSSL that has been fixed in later versions.)

  1. Upgrade your system openssl library. (I wouldn’t recommend doing that
    though as it may break other packages.)
  2. Compile nginx with the latest openssl library. (Negative is that you
    have to maintain your own packages and monitor for openssl security
  3. Upgrade your Linux distribution to 14.04 LTS.

Kurt C.

Thanks for the reply. I realized this morning that this server is
running Debian Stable, not Ubuntu.

I don’t think that I can downgrade the openssl package, because that
open me to heartbleed vulnerabilities. I will try standing up a dev
on Debian Testing to see if the newer openssl package fixes this issue.


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