PDF::Writer VS Ruby FPDF

Hi list,
I see almost all people here uses PDF::Writer for generating pdf
documents with rails. I used it too at first, but am using both now and
would like to see some advantages and shortfalls you came using each of
these two packages. Here are my thoughts for now:


  • extensive documentation
  • writen using ruby conventions
  • easy to use
  • some bugs with embeding fonts prevent using with other then standard
    encodings (all central european language for example)


  • ported from PHP version, and no too much Ruby style code (capital
    letter methods etc)
  • no documentation (but all documentation should be same as for
    original, PHP version)
  • easy to solve bugs because working PHP version is always available
  • easy to extend as many examples / scripts exists on fpdf.org site

Bojan M.
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