PDF::Writer using rpdf templates

I’ve been implementing this:


[PDF::Writer section on using rpdf templates]

Strangest thing tho is that it doesn’t work with IE [get a ‘server not
found’ error] - after reviewing the headers and such, I noticed that
there was no file name for the generated PDF in IE - so I made sure that
this was in header:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=mypdf.pdf

Still doesn’t work, but also IE *still doesn’t get the filename… ?

Anyone ever had issues with IE and this particular header? Did a lot of
research and found an assortment of IE bug reports but nothing quite
like this –


While not related to Ruby or Rails in the least (it’s written for PHP
(has a direct port for Ruby though!)), it does have quite a bit of
information on getting IE to play nice with PDFs. Perhaps you’ll find it

http://www.fpdf.org/ (check out the FAQ)