PDF::Writer officially retired in favor of Prawn

I have an announcement to make: PDF::Writer is
officially no longer supported or recommended in any way, please use
Prawn instead:

Prawn, (the spiritual successor to PDF::Writer) is in the final
planning stages for our sprint to 1.0. We are currently in the
discussion phase about that, but will have a clear roadmap set up by
May 1st, with a 1.0 release of Prawn in mid-July.

Prawn 1.0 will ship with tools and/or documentation to help you make
the transition from PDF::Writer, possibly even including an API
compatibility layer (but this is yet to be determined).

Please come join us on the Prawn mailing list to discuss your concerns
and needs for Prawn 1.0. We will be happy to help you make the
transition. In particular, participate in this discussion about the
1.0 draft spec:


Should you have an absolute need for PDF::Writer, and cannot make the
jump, the best place to fork the code from and move forward with it is
my git repository at:

But be sure to note that I will not support PDF::Writer at all anymore
except in cases of legal matters, giant security issues, etc. I will
however, keep all of the resources online for archival purposes.

Austin Z. set the gears in motion a long time ago for making Ruby
a top rate platform for PDF generation. But with the benefit of
hindsight, we believe you’ll find Prawn is much closer to realizing
this goal. Please join us, and help our community move forward.