PDF::Writer errors in Rails

Hi, after failing with a ruby gems install, I’ve just done a manual
install of PDF::Writer (including the dependancies: Transaction::Simple
1.3.0 color-tools 1.3.0) and created the following in a Rails

require ‘pdf/writer’

def pdf_test
p = PDF::Writer.new

and I get the following error: “uninitialized constant PDF”

Anyone know what the problem is?.. the installs went fine.

I’m on Mac OS X 10.4.5

Thanks, Ray

On 3/17/06, Ray [email protected] wrote:

How do the demos in the PDF::Writer install go? Do they work?
Unit tests?

I’m smelling a path problem on the install. I’m on windows though, so
issues are differnet, but I also toy with Ubuntu and I’ve been burned on
path issue a few times.

Hope that helps.

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