PDF Shipping Order Document Creation - Help, willing to pay

ROR Community,

I have to create a PDF document. I have looked at the various tools
and I think PDF::Writer is the way I want to go.

However, in looking through the demo’s, etc… I don’t see how to
easily create the type of documents that I need without specifying every
single coordinate along the way!!! I’ll do my best to describe:

It is a pretty standard two page shipping order. It has a logo,
address, etc… at the top. The remaining is a combination of Labels and
Cells that contain data from the database. For example, I have a row
with Date, Agent, Order Number, Referred by. This row is not enclosed
with any border. The next row will have the values corresponding to the
above labels, each enclosed in a box. This type of pattern repeats
throughout the portion of page one with different label and cell values.

On the next page, I have the type of product ordered. It is a choice,
and based on the product from my database, the proper one needs to have
an “X” or a checkmark in it. Example:

Product A ( ) + Special Fee ________ = Total Cost ________
Product B ( ) + Special Fee ________ = Total Cost ________
Product C (X) + Special Fee $100.00 = Total Cost $XXX.XX

Make sense? In the example above, the customer ordered Product C. I
need this done quickly. Right now, I am losing a lot of time and
accuracy by having to rekey values from my Rails app into an OpenOffice
document, then save as PDF and then email!

If you have an example of how to do this, or are willing to do it for
me at fee then email me your fixed bid price and when you can have it
done and I’ll send you a sample document. You don’t have to worry about
pulling the values out of the database - I’ll take your sample and do
this. Just make sure it is written in such a way that I can pull in the




This isn’t a direct answer to your question but… What if you render
the form as HTML and print to PDF. If you have Acrobat, just print to
the Acrobat PDF generator. If you don’t, I think you can render an HTML
page in OpenOffice then print to PDF there.

I’m going to get started on a PDF::Writer usage here soon but won’t be
much help until I read up more on it.


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