PCB Log Periodic Antenna connection

Hi all,

I have an WA5VJB PCB Log Periodic Antenna including a SMA-F to SMA-M
cable. I am using a N210 USRP and the SBX daughterboard. I have a second
SMA-M/SMA-M cable.

How can I connect the Antenna to the Daughterboard / USRP ? Is there a
way without soldering the included SMA cable to the antenna? I have also
an SMA-M to SMA-M cable.

My intention was to connect the SMA-F/SMA-M cable to the daughterboard.
Then I wanted to concatanate the second SMA-M/SMA-M cable to the first
SMA-F/SMA-M cable. Finally, I wanted to connect the PCB Log Periodic
antenna to the SMA-M / SMA-M cable via the connector (the small
connector with the 4 legs).

I am afraid of making wrong terminations and to damage the Antenna
ports. Also if I have to solder something onto the antenna, can anyone
please explain how exactly I can do that?