Pb with render to breaking out of an iframe


I have an application who open an other web site in an iframe where my
users have some work to do and have to clic on a button when the job is
This action send me a get http.
In the controller I use this command to breaking out of the iframe :

render :text => breakout_path(refinery.scores_score_path(@score)) ,
content_type: :html

def breakout_path(path)

My problem is that solution works fine on Firefox and Safari but fails
Chrome, IE and Opera.

In Chrome and Opera, the iframe stay and print the text render
interpreted :

For Internet Explorer it’s worst, on clic it ask to dowload a file where
the name is the controller name and contain the text interpreted too.

I tried to change my

Here is my environnement :
Ubuntu desktop 14.04
Rails 4.2.4
Ruby 2.0.0p645
Refinerycms 3.0

Thanks for helping me :wink: I’m a beginner in web and rails development :