Paypal Subscriptions


Hi, I’m currently using paypal with activemerchant and would like to
implement a recurring billing model. I’m hoping there’s a way… is



It is possible to do recurring billing with paypal and activemerchant
if you are have a Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition account w/
recurring billing enabled. This type of account isn’t a standard
offering on the paypal sites. I had to call a sales rep and
specifically request this to get a special “token” I could use to
apply. Activemerchant has built in support for doing recurring billing
via Payflow using the Payflow gateway (which uses Paypal’s XMLPay

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This is a complicated topic, especially with Paypal. They’re going
through a branding transition, so it may not make sense right away. I
wrote up how I’m handling this in Lighthouse:

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