Payment Gateway for International Payments


We have global customers, and we’re planning on using Worldpay since
they could upgrade us to Bibit quite easily. However, Active Merchant
doesn’t have a rails plugin yet. Therefore, we’re going to use PayPal
for now.

Could anyone suggest a payment gateway with a rails plugin that can
handle international payments?


we implemented this for ruby within a week or so.

the basic interface is quite simple. to start a payment you would do
something like this:

def self.open_with_ssl(url)

def self.new_payment_cluster(basket)
basket.update_attributes({:payment_code =>
“tdps_#{}_#{basket.payment_iterations + 1}”,
:payment_iterations => basket.payment_iterations + 1})
<< “?command=new_payment_cluster”
<< “&merchant_name=#{TDPS_MERCHANT_NAME}”
<< “&merchant_password=#{TDPS_MERCHANT_PASSWORD}”
<< “&merchant_transaction_id=#{u basket.payment_code}”
<< “&profile=menu”
<< “&client_id=usr#{u}”
<< “&price=#{u(’%01.2f’ % basket.total_to_pay)}”
<< “&cur_price=EUR”
<< “&client_email=#{u}”
<< “&client_firstname=#{u basket.user.first_name}”
<< “&client_initials=#{u basket.user.first_name[0,1]}#{u[0,1]}”
<< “&client_lastname=#{u}”
<< “&client_address=#{u basket.user.address_one}”
<< “&client_zip=#{u}”
<< “&client_city=#{u}”
<< “&client_country=#{u}”
<< “&client_language=EN”
<< “&days_pay_period=0”)

most other functions are called the same way. and you can implement
simple callbacks that get status changes of your payment processes.

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