Path problem with file_column and :magick options


Hi there,
I’m having some problems wityh the :magick options in file_coumn and
wondered if anyone else had any similar ones:

basically, file_column is working fine for me as is, but whenever I try
to do an automatic resize or thumbnail I get the error ‘invalid image’.
It seems to be a path issue as I get:

unable to open image
No such file or directory:

RAILS_ROOT: /var/www/dev.example.dom/public/…/config/…

My rails_root is right (although I’m not sure it needs all of those
directory jumps in it), but for some reason imagemagick thinks my domain
directory is the server root.

I’ve been running around this one, on and off for days now. Does anyone
have any suggestions as to what might be set up wrong? It’s an almost
virgin rails install with one simple model, and from my understanding
the plugin should work out of the box (apart from a few permissions

magick aside, I think file_column is great and works fine for me.