Patches and instructions for adding python and numpy to GNU Radio for android

As previously mentioned, I’ve been working on adding python and numpy to
the existing GNU Radio android version (GrAnd). I’ve named the
resulting Frankensteinian creation “GrAndPy”.

The goals of the project (that have been successfully achieved so far)
a) build using a solid proper foundation. The existing sl4a/py4a
can be (with suitable patches) used to build an ARM python
that’s linked -fPIE (which is required for Android 5.0). The
executable runs as a standard android native-code executable with
necessary JNI system hooks. All standard Linux functions (in
shared libraries) are supported in this environment.
b) versions of blas, lapack, and numpy cross compiled for arm-android,
with numpy installed as an ordinary python module
c) a build of GNU Radio built with the ENABLE_PYTHON and ENABLE_SHARED
d) No Eclipse, No Java . I hate Java.

I’ve collected all the patches as well as three README files and put
a repository of all current info. It’s an exercise in building
projects, but
the result has been and is worth the effort!! I’ve successfully tested
a non-
trivial GR app (OP25) in console mode under android, which would not be
possible without both python and numpy…

The repo URL is GitHub - mmhhpp/grandpy: patches & instructions for building python and numpy for GNU Radio for android . Since there is no
new code, only patches to get things to build, the only parts of this
collection that are copyrighted are the README files which are under a
CC sharing license… One tip not in the docs is that it seems life
will beharder for you on a 64 bit build host, so use a 32 bit (i686)
distro even if yourbuild host is on 64-bit hardware.

Comments / feedback welcome!

Best Regards


p.s. I’m currently trying to integrate the above with QT5 (sorry,
If anyone has experience with GR and QT5 as opposed to 4, please let me