Patch submission question

DHH asked for more documentation. Are those patches submitted
indivdually per method or per module documented? Or are they
submitted as some giant patch?

Michael G.

I would probably submit your documentation patches one per source
file, since Rails’ functionality is fairly neatly seperated logically
between different files. Use your discretion though - if there’s only
a couple of additions needed across all of the connection adapters
(for example), you could probably submit that as a single patch.

The thing to bear in mind is that a large patch is going to be harder
to commit since it takes more effort to check, and a small problem
might invalidate the whole patch.

  • james

Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly answer my question. I really
want to participate. My company is dedicating time to helping with
the Rails documentation per DHH’s request.

Since documentation is more subjective than API, is there a Rails Core
member who’s coordinating the quality of the documentation and what is
uncomplete from their point of view?

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