[PATCH] Need help to write a test

I’m trying to write a test for a modification I’ve done on link_to
helper. The problem is that my patch is relying on url_for behaviour
defined in link_to helper.

In url_helper_test.rb test file url_for is overwrited for testing

So my question is how can I do to test my modification using the real
url_for method (the one in url_helper.rb). Is there a way to load it
from the inside of my test or something like this?

Thank you in advance.

Nicolas C.

Check actionpack/test/template/url_helper_test.rb


On 7/3/07, Nicolas C. [email protected] wrote:

from the inside of my test or something like this?


Le 3 juil. 07 à 21:59, Pratik a écrit :

Check actionpack/test/template/url_helper_test.rb

That’s the file in which I’m trying to write my test.

My question was : is it possible in my test method (in actionpack/
test/template/url_helper_test.rb) to use the real url_for()
implementation (the one in url_helper.rb file) rather than the one
implemented (for the sake of testing) in the test file.

I need to rely on the behaviour of url_for method implemented in
actionpack/lib/actionview/helpers/url_helper.rb. My modification
can’t be tested without the original url_for implementation.

Any idea ?

Nicolas C.